The benefits of Bring Your Own Device

These days, even the most low-tech offices involve a number of gadgets and devices, from whiteboards and projectors to standard laptops and tablets. Bring Your Own Device, or BYOD policies, are becoming more and more popular with companies who are keen to streamline their business models and make work more accessible to their employees at any time and in any place. Here are some of the benefits of a Bring Your Own Device policy.Save moneyEncouraging your employees to use their own personal devices can save your business money if it means you spend less on 'work only' hardware, as well as not paying twice for software licensing if your employees already pay for their own at home. Depending on your business model, this element of the BYOD policy could make a significant impact on your company's finances.Increase efficiencyAllowing your staff to BYOD means that employees may feel happier and more comfortable with the devices they're working with. Whether it's the Windows vs Mac divide or something else, most of us have preferences when it comes to our personal tech - and office tech is no different. By allowing staff to choose their own devices and operating systems, you'll increase employee satisfaction and productivity, too.Allow flexible workingIf your employees work from their own personal devices, they'll have everything they need for work with them, both in the office and at home. No more switching between devices or saving files to hard drives to work from home; BYOD encourages flexible, seamless working for all of your staff, no matter how much of their work time is split between the office and home.At Unity AV, we offer AV services and solutions for all types of business needs. For questions and queries about office AV equipment, don't hesitate to get in touch with us.