Boardroom Transformation

A boardroom is a lot more than simply a meeting room. 

Big decisions – both positive and negative – are made here. International conference calls are made here and valuable presentations are given here. 

Clearly a boardroom is the centre of the workspace. So why would you let it down with poor audio visual equipment?  

Who hasn’t been in a meeting where the laptop won’t connect to the projector, or the internet connection is so poor the conference call is made up of people saying “hello, hello”?

It’s not good enough, and in the 21st century it really isn’t necessary.

By getting good quality, reliable audio visual equipment installed in your conference room you can immediately improve the experience of the people using the room and the equipment.

These conference room installations can include large-format TV displays, audio and video conferencing, digital signage and IPTV.  

The old fashioned flip chart and pens can also be replaced with glass or steel writing boards or interactive white boards. No longer do attendees have to squint at fading ink and poor handwriting.

Here at Unity AV, not only do we provide the AV equipment, and instalment but also provide a video conferencing user trainer – either on site or remotely. 

However, when you are deciding on what equipment you require to transform your boardroom into a high-tech business hub you need to identify what your boardroom needs are. 

For example, there is little point in installing a high-tech video conferencing package if you don’t use video conferencing. If you, however, spend a great deal of time in the boardroom on presentations, then a top end display would be a better investment. 

At Unity AV we identify your business’ needs before we suggest a package for you, so why not give the team a ring and give your tired boardroom the overhaul it needs to ensure it is as effective and productive as it can be.