Meeting Environment

Looking to optimise and streamline your business? Have you considered reviewing your meetings to make them more effective for your company and co-workers? Take a look below at our top five tips on how to make a productive meeting environment.

1. Make sure the meeting is necessary

If your meeting can be replaced by sending an email, quickly talking to someone at their desk or sending a quick memo, then cancel the meeting. People's calendars can get filled with unnecessary meetings that draw their energy away from other tasks, so the more you can limit them, the better.

2. Only invite one person from each team (unless required)

Unless it's vital to the meeting, don't pull a whole team into a meeting. Instead, bring one person from the team who can communicate both to you and back to their team all the necessary bites of information.

3. Avoid distracting times

Don't schedule a meeting for the end of the day when people are tired and thinking about going home. Instead, try to book your meeting for the morning when people are most alert and geared up for the day ahead.

4. Create an agenda

At least two hours before the scheduled meeting, create and send round an agenda of what you plan to cover in the meeting. It will save time at the start explaining what you want to achieve, and people will be able to go into the meeting knowing what they need to bring with them and discuss.

5. Choose a well-lit and comfortable meeting space

Brightly-lit rooms help people to be more alert and focused, meaning they will be more productive during your meeting time. However, you also want to ensure that the meeting space is comfortable - people won't want to sit for an hour or more when the seating is cramped and uncomfortable.At Unity AV, we offer AV services and solutions for all types of business needs. If you have any questions, don't hesitate to get in touch with us.