We've come a long way from the original writing surface; the historic chalkboard. Our writing surface market is now full of a whole variety of different kinds of surface that can better suit different environments and purposes.


Having a mobile writing surface is especially useful if it's for a multipurpose space. Do you have a room that's used for a range of meetings, brainstorming sessions and other activities? Then a mobile writing surface is perfect for you. They can even be manufactured to be double-sided, allowing even more flexibility when augmenting your space. You can also purchase multiple boards that link together to further expand your options.


Ceramic is a very popular option with consumers. The ceramic writing boards produced by Unity AV are of a particularly high standard, evidenced by the 25-year guarantee that they will be non-porous. They are magnetic, meaning you can keep track of all of your paper notes in one place with ease as well as linking them to the notes you're making. Ceramic is a classic choice and looks great almost anywhere. It's less of a statement than other options but this is what makes it such an adaptable look.


If you're going for a chic contemporary feel then you might want to go down the glass writing surface route. Low iron components are used in all the Unity AV glass products, giving them a clear white finish. These boards are also magnetic and can come with a range of fixing methods to suit your particular interior design. We can also help complement the aesthetics of the space with the different colourways available.


If you already know exactly what it is you want, or maybe have the start of an idea, then a bespoke writing surface is the best route. This way you won't have to compromise on anything at all!