Digital signage – the way forward post pandemic

As the UK returns to work there are a whole new set of guidelines to follow around staying safe in offices, shops and public areas.

As we’ve seen throughout the pandemic the rules change frequently so how can you communicate with your teams and customers effectively to ensure they stay safe?

If you work in an office and have a group email system or intranet this can be an ideal way to send out detailed information but is reliant on employees reading it and can be difficult to refer back to, especially if there have been several different versions.

Posters can work but are not always eye catching enough and need to be changed regularly. They are also subject to being removed or damaged in any public thoroughfares.

Notice boards are great as long as content is updated regularly but can easily blend into the background of a room resulting in them not getting checked as often as you need them to be.

So how do you ensure important health messages are visible, stay put and can be changed frequently? Digital signage allows you to do all of this and more.

Digital signage is ideal for communicating important information, providing significant cost savings and flexibility over traditional printed posters and notice boards. By combining static images with video, animation and eye-catching graphics, you can ensure that everyone will see them, therefore adhering to guidelines and minimising risk for your teams and customers.

The design and management tools that come with our packages are simple and easy to use meaning anyone within the business can create engaging content that can be changed anytime.

Available in a range of different sizes and formats from entire video walls to freestanding noticeboards digital signage is ideal for marketing products and services, welcoming visitors, advertising, wayfinding and more. Most of our products can also be used to stream video or tv channels in customer waiting areas too.

Protecting your teams and customers is our priority at Unity AV and our friendly team are always available to chat through your requirements. We are always up to date with all the latest government guidelines for delivery and installation so you have total peace of mind when you choose us.

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