COVID-19 Protection barrier from Unity AV

As restrictions ease and the UK goes back to the ‘new normal’ there are many considerations that need to be made to ensure the health and wellbeing of your office-based teams.

One size unfortunately does not fit all, so we are here to help with anything from Clear screens to video conferencing to help you create a virtual and easy to sanitise workspace.

We can advise about working to fit the current guidelines and also futureproofing your office to flex with any other guidelines that may come into play.

There are many things that can be done quickly and simply to ensure that your workforce, and anyone that makes a site visit, stays safe and most importantly feels that their wellbeing is your utmost priority. This makes for a loyal team and customers that stay with you through the long haul. This is the time that people will most remember how well you responded.

We specialise in…

Clear screens

First and foremost for any customer-facing environment these are a must: we can cut to size and install fast as well as provide handy mobile options. They are also a great idea for separating any desk pods or meeting areas you have and can be easily written on to become writing surfaces too.

We can supply screens either in clear acrylic or toughened glass. Whilst cheaper, the acrylic surfaces are prone to scratching, and any roughened surface will be harder to effectively clean and may retain germs for longer. Toughened glass has a non-permeable surface and is more environmentally-friendly in production and disposal terms.

Video conferencing

Zoom, Skype and Microsoft Teams are the most popular and reliable video conferencing apps we have found to meet with anyone, anywhere in the world. As face to face meetings and travel need to be kept to a minimum, we can provide all the display screens, hardware and software you’ll need to still get your staff meeting people, just from a distance.  


Not equipped for video conferencing? No problem. We can advise on the many other ways to link your dispersed workforce, whether that is by collaboration solutions for laptop users, or even tablet and cell-phone users; or simply audio conferencing solutions.

Other areas to consider when planning your return…

Office planning

Our contacts in the office interiors industry can help you plan how a new office layout can adhere to social distancing measures. Working closely with them we can advise on the positioning of high dividers, screens and wipe clean antibacterial surfaces.

Focus groups

A focus group involving a cross-section of staff throughout the business is a good way to gain ideas and keep evolving with the guidelines. It also promotes buy-in to adhere to the new rules.

For larger workforces consider staggered start/finish times too. Likewise if some team members are able to work from home they might only need to be in the office a few days per week to give you more space.


Do the materials in your office lend themselves to being sanitised regularly? Do you need more wipe-clean surfaces such as glass and Perspex?

You’ll likely need protective equipment such as gloves and masks as well as posters regarding hand washing and plenty of soap and antibacterial wipes in communal areas.

Consider investing in antibacterial ‘leave on’ sprays that can simply be used on door handles, rails and any surface that is a touchpoint.

Communal areas

Usage of these spaces will need to be carefully thought out and considered, firstly if they are even needed, or could they be used to make room for more desks? If they stay, they need to be managed carefully, especially if your customers use them. For example removing magazines, drinks machines (unless contactless) etc.


It’s a good idea to temperature screen your teams and anyone entering the building daily at the main entrance, this will ensure no one entering the building is a risk. If for any reason an employee shows symptoms during the day or get alerted to a household member becoming unwell, you may need to consider having a room that can be used for a short period to quarantine away from the rest of the workforce. This room will need to be easily deep cleaned.

Moving forward

It may seem slightly daunting, but the restrictions can be managed in the workplace to make everyone feel more at ease, we can’t go back to how things were just yet so we need to adjust. Reduced hours, longer lead times and adjusted SLA’s are all to be expected.

The good thing is that every other business is in the same boat so the majority of your customers should be understanding of the measures that you do put in place.

Talk to us and we’ll be happy to help with all your writing board, Perspex screens, AV & virtual meeting requirements.