Video walls  - the best investment for your building

If you’re looking to make a visual impact on visitors to your organisation, a video wall could be the most cost effective and potentially money-making investment.

First impressions count and companies often spend hundreds of thousands on bold architectural features, expensive artwork commissions or installations. Whilst these undoubtably have their place, they are subject to becoming outdated and are expensive to change when they become tired.

So, what if you had an option that covered all bases, was inexpensive, had the ability to change at the touch of a button and in some cases even deliver you revenue?

We explore the ways in which a video wall can impress your visitors and have a positive impact on your bottom line…

It doesn’t have to be rectangular!

A video wall can be set at an angle, use screens of varying sizes and can be mounted on sloping or curved surfaces - basically anywhere your installation company deems safe. Get creative with placement and incorporate them into your company branding too.

Choose from framed or frameless, or put a bespoke frame around them, you could even make them look like an art gallery and regularly change the content.

Get creative with the content

Play around with what to display. It can be static or video, even a view from the outside of your building. This works especially well in high rise settings. You can use a camera to look on the streets below and the ever-changing landscape. Choose stunning 4k or even better 8k for a truly immersive experience. 

Talking of immersive, why not make them interactive? There are a plethora of clever apps and software you can use to deliver creative and unforgettable experiences to your visitors. Many of these apps track user engagement too so you can see what’s working and gather data.

Choose from quizzes, games, questionnaires or competitions to name a few.

Attract customers 

You can use your video wall to attract in customers with advertising or upsell to people in waiting areas. You can also use them for help, advice and wayfinding.

If you run a car showroom you could advertise the newest model or a servicing package deal. In a hotel you can showcase food options at the restaurant, event space or superior rooms. For housing or office developments you could show 3D tours of the spaces for sale - the possibilities are endless. 

There’s also the option to sell your video wall space as a revenue stream to your customers, especially if your building has a high footfall. 

The set-up choice is yours

You can choose to have the controller set up so it can only be accessed via a server room or similar, allowing you complete control of the content and maintenance.

If you want the interactivity element, touchscreens can be mounted on wall for users to play with, this can be locked down completely so they only have access to change certain things.
Video walls can support practically any media file type too, from DVD’s, HDMI via a laptop, HTML5, websites, video and image files.

With advanced touch screen controls, you can easily and simply change the content whenever its required or use a content management system to schedule it.

Here at Unity AV, we have all the experience you need to design the perfect video wall to suit your organisation and its needs. Our installation team have years of experience in even the most complicated of jobs, we can work to your brief or create something amazing in line with your vision for the space.

We offer ongoing and very competitive maintenance packages too. So if you’re in the market for something new and exciting to add to your building, give our friendly team a call on 01488 683178 or email us here.