Poly Eage

The Poly EagleEye Director II Camera System has been designed for better meetings.

Despite the name, this isn’t a movie camera or new CCTV system, it’s a video conferencing system with high quality HD video with 12x optical zoom.

Where the Poly EagleEye Director II Camera System stands out is in automatic tracking.

The system automatically tracks participants and will focus and pan the cameras depending on who is presenting or speaking.

It’s an innovative idea that works well for larger boardrooms or meeting rooms.

Poly EagleEye Director II hardware

The Poly EagleEye Director II system comes as a base with processing hardware and one or two cameras.

During a meeting, the system can be set for a static view of the entire room or be set to follow speakers around the room using a RealPresence Group Series system.

For the latter setting, tracking software monitors activity within the room and will automatically focus on the speaker or presenter.

It’s a smart solution that could work well in some meeting settings where participants are disciplined enough to not move around too much or all speak at once.

In a two camera scenario, you can set one up to be static and one to follow speakers or both to follow speakers. In a head-to-head or where multiple active participants speak, the system will divide focus between the two cameras to keep the meeting running smoothly.

The Poly EagleEye Director II Camera System includes a modest box with one or two cameras that have a 10m range.

Cameras are capable of full 1080 HD, (1920 x 1080) complete with optical zoom.

The system is Zoom certified, Skype Business certified and will work with Microsoft Surface Hub.

It’s also compatible with Polycom systems such as Polycom RealPresence Group 300, 310, 500, 550 and 700 and the Poly G7500.

There is also 2 x USB, 1x mini HCDCI, 1x HDMI in and 1x HDMI out and a stereo jack connection.

Poly EagleEye Director II use cases

The Poly EagleEye Director II is aimed at enterprise or businesses that have larger meetings. It’s a premium product that delivers full HD video with crystal clear audio.

The intent is for the Poly EagleEye Director II to be used where meetings are a central part of activity and where being able to focus on individual speakers rather than the room as a whole adds value.

The system is compatible with Zoom and Skype also.

Being able to turn off speaker focus is a good move. Some meetings may benefit from such a feature but others might not. By being able to turn off focus, you can work with both types of meetings with minimal configuration.

In school or presenter situations, focus mode helps keep track of speakers, teachers or lecturers who like to move around.

Automatic tracking means you don’t have to sit there and follow them manually, which just makes meetings easier to arrange and execute.

It sounds like a small thing, but if you have had to sit behind a camera and constantly adjust position and focus to keep an animated lecturer in view, you’ll know how useful tracking can be!

Overall, the Poly EagleEye Director II is an excellent option for organisations that could benefit from user tracking. HD video, clear audio and simple setup all have their benefits, but it’s tracking that makes the EagleEye stand out!