Scope of Work: 

Customer Profile: IP Integration had outgrown their current offices after years of success and expansion.

Finding the ideal space for the next ten years was easy; it was the office across the road!  

With the luxury of plenty of planning and design time Unity came up with a solution helped by several design meetings and off-site vendor product demonstrations.

Unity AV produced a range of products and solutions to fit the operational requirements of the new building for IPI’s current and future needs.

One of the daily issues in the old office was the free-for-all when finding, using, and keeping Meeting rooms. No form of formal booking system meant that staff and clients had too many embarrassing double-booked (or stolen-room) incidents.

With business increasing, there was also a need to demonstrate IPI’s systems and solutions, so a video wall was decided upon for the Reception area to act mainly as a welcome screen, and also to showcase IPI’s systems and solutions. A smaller video wall was also required to serve the always-on Network Operations centre and create a larger, clearer image than the previous arrangement of four wall mounted TV’s.


Audio Visual System Component Highlights

LG Commercial-grade bezel-less video wall displays were finally selected as the best match in terms of budget and performance for both of IPI’s video wall arrays.

The Reception 3x3 wall is fed by a single High-definition PC source, and the Network Operation Centre 3x2 wall has six separate PC sources on display.

Working closely with the selected refurbishment contractor, Interaction, Unity AV had to ensure that walls were sufficiently reinforced to take the weight of the displays, and working drawings were created to ensure that all recesses were of suitable dimensions to accommodate the displays and still allow access.

Meeting rooms are now all served by Evoko room booking panels, linked to IPI’s Outlook server. This means that if any room is booked for a session it is clearly shown as reserved via its red LED back-lighting. When the room becomes available the light turns green. This system has allowed available rooms to be quickly and easily identified for ad-hoc informal meetings and has ensured that pre-booked rooms are not stolen.

The glazing-fixing kits have enabled the Evoko panels to be safely mounted on the glass partition walls, creating a neat and impressive look.

The Boardroom is served by a Sony 83” display, creating a visually-imposing focal point with easy wireless connection from the resident PC.


Audio Visual Equipment Deployed

  • LG 49” Commercial video wall display panel
  • Peerless pop-out video wall mount system
  • Evoko Liso Room Booking panel
  • Extron signal distribution
  • Sony 83” display