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A Whiteboard is just a whiteboard, right?

Wrong! Here is the Unity view on writing surfaces, and why they are so important to us, and for you

Glass Writing Boards

  • Range of standard sizes
  • Bespoke shapes and sizes
  • Standard steel backing for magnetic properties
  • Optional projection surface
  • Wall mount or trolley mount

Ceramic Writing boards

  • Ceramic enamelled steel means magnetic surface is standard
  • Choice of wall fixing detail
  • Standard sizes and Bespoke shapes
  • Wall-mount, trolley mount, or free-standing options
  • Guaranteed writing surface integrity for 25 years

Don’t limit your team’s creativity to the size of your writing surface. Unity can design and build a writing surface as unique as your business; either full height floor-to-ceiling, or full-width wall-to-wall; you will never miss an idea again.

Simply contact us to discuss your ideas in greater detail; we can help for sure.

We can even create your own coloured board, include your logo, or make a specially-laser-cut top edge detail to give you an added wow-factor!

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Why stop at the wall with a writing board? Unity can provide mobile writing surfaces to augment any meeting space.

Manufactured from glass or ceramic steel, single or double-sided, with heavy-duty castors, our mobile solutions can even be linked together to create temporary collaboration spaces, and why not include some fabric areas to brighten up the system, and provide some acoustic performance at the same time?

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Unity’s high-grade enamelled steel writing surfaces are guaranteed for 25 years to be non-porous, and are all magnetic.

We provide a vast range of shape, size, and fixing options to suit virtually any available wall space, be it in a classroom, meeting room, in the shared working spaces, or in a breakout area to capture that sudden moment of inspiration.  

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Glass writing surfaces from Unity are made from low-iron components giving the white surfaces a true-white finish.

Toughened glass gives you peace of mind, and all our glass writing surfaces are magnetic as standard.

We have a range of fixing methods available to fit in with your designs, and colourways to match the interior design scheme.

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Silk Glass

The latest innovation in the glass writing surface sector, Silk Glass provides the absolutely smoothest writing surface yet to suit standard dry-erase pens.

The smooth surface gives a ghost-free writing experience, making writing clearly-legible, and minimal reflection ensures it can be seen no matter how bright the day outside may be.

Available in a huge choice of standard colours, the Silk Glass range is as much a design statement as a truly practical product.

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Acoustic Writing boards

As office space becomes more and more flexible, Unity have a solution that is not only a writing surface, but it also serves as a pinboard, and acoustic surface to help reduce noise in a working area.

Unity can create boards with acoustic performance in standard or special shapes and colours; just ask us; we can help!

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